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            2 drug delivery technologies
               7 partnerships with big pharma/biotech
                  12 drugs in development

Apidel is a privately-owned Swiss company. It was founded in 2011 with a round of seed money by the founders. Since then two private-equity rounds were completed with former executives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Apidel has two proprietary drug delivery systems:

is a sustained-release liquid injection available in pre-filler syringes. It was successfully tested with small molecules, peptides and proteins over periods of up to 6 months.

is an aqueous micelle formulation capable of solubilising poorly-soluble drugs. ApidSOL is well tolerated and increases tissue penetration following application on the skin or in the eye.

Both inventions are protected by patents. The composition-of-matter patent was issued in the US in 2013 and in Canada in 2014.

Our technologies and our business model have been validated by the industry

Since it started operating in June 2011, Apidel has signed seven collaborative research agreements and one license option agreement with international pharmaceutical companies, including top ten companies. We have successfully completed tech transfer to one of our partners in 2013. We started building Product Master Files for our polymers.

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