Apidel SA is a privately-funded Swiss pharmaceutical company based in Geneva. Founded in 2011 by two University of Geneva researchers and an experienced industry executive, Apidel specializes in providing proprietary drug delivery solutions which enable more effective, safer and cost effective therapeutic products.

Apidel’s proprietary technologies allow effective drugs, new and established, to be formulated into exceptional therapeutic products. These products have the potential to exceed the performance of current products or pioneer completely new indications. Apidel’s technology enables local or regional delivery – e.g. in dermatology, ophthalmology, gastro-intestinal, as well as systemic controlled-release of drugs for up to six months from a single administration.

Apidel’s experience in pharmaceutical formulation and in effective drug delivery is second to none and the company uses this experience to undertake effective partnering with the pharmaceutical industry as well as developing products independently. All drugs formulated using Apidel’s proprietary technologies enjoy proprietary status under Apidel’s granted patents and patent applications.

Apidel in numbers

8 full time staff,
with 100+ years
7 industry
9 patent
5 granted patents

Selected collaborations