May marked Apidel’s fifth year in business! “Right from the start, the founders have had a long-term vision for the company and today we are all proud of our accomplishments. We have come a long way from a raw technology developed at the University of Geneva to a mature small company with a vision and an objective of developing a pipeline of exceptional pharmaceutical products. We have a world-class laboratory facility, along with our key manufacturing process under ISO standards. Several patents have been granted and a highly experienced team of dedicated people has been formed to further develop the company. All these steps, along with countless other achievements have been accomplished through the years to enable us to stand where we are today.
We believe that our success story will continue and all the planned milestones will be achieved in the near future, including the most important, the first clinical use of our technologies. With this in mind, we are going to continue to work hard to provide to patients the best in class pharmaceutical products. We are excited about the challenges to come!” Alan Cookson, CEO