Technology partnering

Apidel’s technology allows new innovations in the discrete nano-packaging and delivery of molecules through biological barriers as well as the controlled release of therapeutic agents for weeks and months from a single administration.  The company welcomes the opportunity to work with partners to maximise commercial potential by bringing together both exceptional molecules and exceptional delivery characteristics.  Apidel’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property is available for licensing to drug developers under molecule, indication and geographic segmentation.

The characteristics of Apidel’s technologies also opens the opportunity for the safer and more effective formulation and application of poorly soluble molecules in agriculture, environmental control, pollution treatment and industrial process.  The company seeks to explore collaboration in all of these areas.

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Product partnering

Apidel internally develops new pharmaceutical products which benefit from the exceptional characteristics enabled by the company’s proprietary delivery technologies.  This includes new formulations of known drugs which target either completely new indications, or have superior performance characteristics, such as elimination of side effects by effective targeting.  Apidel’s strategy is to develop these products through proof of concept, pre-clinical studies, establishment of clinical trial consents as investigational new drugs and early clinical work.  Apidel’s internal pipeline extends across a number of therapeutic areas and the company will make products available for licensing or partnering at any stage during this process.

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