ApidSOL™ is a proprietary polymeric micellar nanotechnology, which is able to dramatically improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, enhance the tissue penetration and create an in-situ drug depot. This enables the establishment of new generation, innovative and efficient topical or regionally administered products with a wide range of drug molecules.
ApidSOL™ is well tolerated and increases uptake by tissue following application on the skin, in the eye or mucosa. ApidSOL™ technology is based on co-polymers of methoxy poly-ethylene glycol (mPEG) and hexyl substituted poly-lactic acid (hexPLA). In an aqueous environment, ApidSOL™ spontaneously form nanosized micelles in a self-assembly process. During this self-assembly process, poorly water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients are encapsulated into the lipophilic core of ApidSOL™ micelles. The micelles are in nanosize range. They are very well tolerated and safe. The degradation products of hexPLA are fruit acids.

  • Solubilizes water insoluble drugs
  • Clear, water-like liquid formulations
  • Suitable for administration as spray, lotion or gel
  • Up to 10X drug level from the same formulation strength
  • No significant systemic drug level
  • Free of toxic effects
  • Better performance and compliance for known drugs
  • Launch platform for new drugs