Mrs. Victoria Sarraf, Alliance & Licensing Manager (BD&L) is a licensed Pharmacist (PharmD Federal Diploma, MSc. Pharm) and is post-graduated in Management from the Business School of University of Lausanne (HEC). She joined first Vifor Pharma (Galenica Group), where she held positions of increasing responsibility including Head of Marketing. Launching and building a top analgesic brand on the Swiss market was part of her major achievements. She then acquired substantial experience in Business Development, negotiating a number of new drug entity licensing agreements with global players at Debiopharm International and managing, for several years, a worldwide alliance for a blockbuster oncology product. She joined Apidel in March 2014 to contribute to building new partnerships, strengthening Apidel’s existing alliances and developing in-house projects to bring future high-potential new products on the market.