ApidCOR™ is able to create a stable release of small molecules, peptides or proteins for up to 6 months after a single injection.
ApidCOR™ is a sustained release drug delivery system. ApidCOR™ a homogenous liquid polymer, Poly(caprylic acid), that can readily be injected. Following a single injection, the tailored duration of activity extends over days, weeks or months. Uniquely, the  ApidCOR™ works equally well even with lipophilic and hydrophilic active principles, showing a limited initial burst and a highly predictable release rate.  ApidCOR™ was tested in vitro and in vivo with peptides, small molecules and biologics and showed very promising results.

  • Sustained parenteral delivery
  • Works with lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs
  • Highly predictable release rate
  • Remarkably stable
  • Liquid, ready to use in a pre-filled syringe
  • Up to six months controlled release
  • Patent protected giving proprietary formulations for even off-patent compounds